How Airbags Increase Accident Survival

Are lives saved by airbags or are the security experts of hot air? The answer is an unequivocal yes. While they do pose risks particularly for young kids, the new technology in the next-generation airbag saves lives.

First-Generation Airbags

The technology was in its infancy when airbags were mandated in 1996. Children and smaller adults could be killed in the force of the takata airbag when they weren't wearing seatbelts. Technology did not enable the force of the airbag.

How Airbags Increase Accident Survival

Automakers and the law fought with, fearing injuries would be caused by airbags. Upon reviewing the numbers of airbag deaths, authorities allowed for automakers to decrease the force where the airbag has been deployed. This would decrease danger to adults and children.

Advanced Airbags

Smarter airbag systems became available. These innovative airbags permit for the airbag to be set up with less force, or not at all, depending on the conditions. The detector adjusts the force and therefore can detect the size of the individual.

Airbag Injuries

The safest place for children and babies is in the back seat. Injuries to children due to airbags are largely avoidable if this was followed by parents. Injuries from an airbag may include broken bones, particularly the arm or wrist, facial injuries, and neck injuries.

However, they also prevent a good deal of more serious injuries, like hitting the glass or dashboard with your face or being thrown out of a car if seatbelts aren't in use.