Transform 20 Can Help You Get Six Pack Abs

The first step on your way to achieving a flat stomach and perfectly sculptured set of abs is to start yourself on a diet that is nutritionally healthy. The latest BeachBody fitness plan by Shaun T titled Transform 20 reminds us to think about the phrase "garbage-in, garbage-out" next time we choose to consume processed food. When you are consuming fast food or processed foods you are producing an unhealthy body that is lacking in nutrients. By making better food choices, you are on your way to a healthier, leaner body.

Instead of calorie counting, it is recommended that you eat five to six small meals a day. By doing so, you are keeping your metabolism fueled all day long and this is what keeps you energetic, as well as preventing you from overeating.

Exercise alone will not get you those perfect six pack abs, because in order to get your abs showing, you must first shed that unappealing fat that is lying on top of the muscle.

6 Pack Fast Track explains a good way to get six pack abs is to to do some form of cardiovascular conditioning exercise along with the new Transform 20 home fitness workout from Shaun T. This combined with a nutritionally well-balanced diet will have you losing fat and building muscle in no time at all.

When working on your abdominal muscles, more is not always better. The muscles of your abdomen are the same as any other muscles on your body. For instance, if you aren't going to do 50 bicep curls, then there is no need to do 50 abdominal crunches. Shaun T reminds us that we just need to work out smarter by slowing down, and Transform 20 will have you focus on the muscles you want to work on.

Is it really possible to get six pack abs? Having visible abs is actually a pre-cellulite phenomenon. Usually people in their teens and 20s are able to achieve them, even though those in their 30s and 40s have been able to get them with the proper diet, exercise and genetics. Men have a better chance in getting six pack abs than women because women's bodies store more fat. Regardless of gender, Transform 20 may be a good option for anyone who is looking for a fitness program to get visible six pack abs at home.