3 Tips for Pulling Cable Safely

Cable pulling can be dangerous if you aren’t paying much attention to the work detail. While this work should be left to the trained professionals, we believe a lot of people nowadays are trying their luck with this.

Courtesy-Y&U International Trade

If you are someone who might be working with cables in the near future, then we would suggest that you keep yourself safe while working with it. Here are 3 of our top tips that we have picked for our readers which will help them stay safe:

1. The right cable

It is important that you use the right type of cable for the right task. Some cables have elasticity and some don’t, while some tasks require the cable to bend and others don’t. This is just an example, situations and products vary so you need to select the right one in order to prevent a mishap.

2. The right outfit

It is essential that you wear the right clothes while hauling cables. Sometimes installers think that they can wear anything for this job; however it is important for your safety to wear the right kind of outer wear. Protective glasses and clothing is important. Sometimes the cables break midway, wearing a protective suite will save you from a potential injury. You should also wear latex gloves; it will prevent your hands from scratching and cutting.

3. Test Drive

Before going ahead with the processes we would suggest that you conduct a little test. Check the conduits and your equipment. Make sure that the cables are well lubricated so they don’t get stuck inside the duct.

The cable handling equipment suppliers also guide about the safety procedure comprehensively when you go for shopping.