The Booming Trend of Catification


It seems “catification” has become a booming trend. Just the other day, the New York Times wrote about Kate Benjamin in Phoenix, who has made a business out of her blog, offering ways people can make their homes more comfortable for their cats.

I love the concept, and I think if you’ve got the time and money to take on these projects, they certainly bring a peaceful, comfortable existence for indoor cats. Such projects also take care of how to stop cats from spraying indoors. The cruel practice of castration is certainly not involved as a way to stop cats from spraying indoors.

That said, catification can be as simple as letting your cat rule the roost. And if there’s a place you don’t want them to go (e.g., bedroom, kitchen counters), do a swap and give them their own spot, ideally a place they can climb up to (top of the fridge, a high bookcase shelf). It may mean creating levels for them to make that climb. For example, allow them a portion of the kitchen counter to make the leap to top of the fridge. Or provide “steps” from the coffee table to the back of the couch to a bookcase.

The reason for height comes down to control. Just like humans, cats need to feel secure in their environments. They’re small things and we’re big things, so giving them a place higher up makes them feel safer, a bit out of reach. Just like us, they need peaceful time, or when feeling a bit afraid, an escape hatch.

If your munchkins can’t climb, give them hideaway places behind furniture — for example, a nice soft blanket or an old sweatshirt inside a cardboard box.

I know you’ll find ways that suit your home and your cat. And I hope you’ll share them with me when you do!