The Dos And Don’ts Of Underground Pre-wiring

Underground pre-wiring is increasingly being adopted with several types of wiring such as electrical wiring and power supply connected to the distribution board. The underground procedures for households, buildings and construction sites differs in various respects. Nonetheless, it is crucial and requires specialized skills.

Here are some ways you can ensure a successful underground cable pusher 20kn top mount.

Courtesy: Redmond Gary

  1. Coordinating with the manager

You should be able to coordinate with your product manager. Your manager should be able to guide you through all the steps and regulations. Make sure that you maintain a professional as well as a friendly relationship with your manager.

2. Use of lubricant

Many cable installers ignore this fact. There is a chance that you have to add cables later. A fully lubricated pathway makes the process easier. Once the cable is properly secured, make sure you inspect the cables to see if they have survived the pull.

3. Measuring partial reels

It is essential that you measure the reels first. It takes less time to measure the existing reel rather than to re-pull a cable that came up short.

4. Label all cables

Make sure you label all cables and separate them accordingly. Underground wiring requires specifications and accuracy in installations.

5. Clean up all the trash

Make sure you clean up after you have completed your work. Double check everything including the labeling and specifications regarding the underground cables.

Keep in view these do’s and don’ts regarding your underground prewiring.