How is girls lacrosse different

Women's field lacrosse is currently exploding in popularity — as there were in 1990, there are 3 times as many women lacrosse programs today. The field game of the women and the men's field game in a few ways that are critical differ:

Contact: The difference between women's and men's lacrosse comes down to contact. In the men's match, body-checking is legal — and encouraged (particularly by trainers) — while at the women's game, it's not. Because of this, there's far less protective gear in the women's sport: Men wear helmets, mouth guards, gloves, shoulder pads, elbow pads, and frequently ribs pads, whereas girls use mouth guards and protective eyewear, but (with the exception of goalies) no helmets or padding. We currently have a survey to find out what is the best lacrosse stick.

The number of players: In the game of the men, ten players are on the area — three attackmen, three midfielders, three defensemen, and a goaltender. In the women's match, there are 12 players on the field — offensive players (first home, second home, third home, and 2 strike wings) and defensive players (middle, two defensive wings, point, cover point, third man, and goalie).

Sticks: Unlike men's lacrosse, mesh isn't allowed for the pockets of the sticks of women; the pockets have to be strung in the way. When it is in the pocket the surface of the ball must be over the sidewall. Because of this, stick are more challenging in the game of the women.

In addition, the normal rod length in men's field lacrosse is 40 to 42 inches from the end of the head towards the end of the handle; sticks for defensive players (as well as one midfielder) can quantify 52 to 72 inches in length, and the goalie's stick can be 40 to 72 inches long. Women's lacrosse sticks need to measure 351/2 to 431/4 inches in length; 35 1/2 must be measured by the goalie's stick to 48 inches in length.

Field size. The area is a little larger: 70 metres broad and 120 metres long.

Hallux rigidus and weak ankle

Hallux rigidus is a disorder in which the movement in the great toe joint of the feet are rigid and is usually connected with osteoarthritis. The big toe joint of the foot is actually quite an important joint in the body as it must bend so the leg can progress over the feet when walking. If anything obstructs the motion at that joint, then continuing to move forward will probably be a lot more difficult and strain will probably be placed on other joints that have to bend more as that joint just isn't bending enough. This can result in pain in the great toe joint as well as other joints. In addition, it will cause an excessive wear pattern on the footwear. The chief cause of hallux rigidus is usually a previous injury to the joint. Over time this sets up a process of abnormal use which results in more damage and osteoarthritis to the joint. In due course the limited movement of the joint is even further restricted and the joint will become rigid with no movement at all.

The best way to take care of a Hallux Rigidus is appropriate therapy for the original injury with excellent rehabilitation and the use of exercises in order to avoid or reduce the developments of the osteoarthritis. If the joint is painful, then medications and injections into the joint may be used for the pain. The use of a firmer sole shoe can often be helpful as this decreases the demand on the joint to bend. Some footwear may also have a rocker added to them, in order that you move over the rocker and do not need to use the joint as much. If these conservative measures are not helpful, then the next step is surgical. There are many options here. The simplest, if indicated, is to just cut off some bone of the top of the joint to permit the joint to move more. If that is not possible, then the joint may be surgically fused to prevent it bending. This kind of fusion addresses the pain from the osteoarthritis as the joint cannot flex.

Top Reasons Why Yoga Helps You Lose Weight

Many people believe that a strict diet and strenuous workouts are the only ways to lose weight. However, the gentle movements and breathing techniques of yoga have also proven to be very beneficial for attaining a trim physique.


Here are a few reasons why yoga makes such an effective weight loss technique:

1. It relaxes the mind and body

Stress is one of the major contributors to obesity. When you are stressed out, your mind works on overdrive and you tend to eat more and work out less, putting on the pounds as a result. The slow, tranquil movements of yoga allow your body and mind to truly relax and ease the tension in your muscles.

When you relax, the sense of stress and anxiety will be reduced and your body will begin to return to a proper track. Given its relaxing benefits, yoga is a key component of weight loss Thailand holidays and boot camps.

2. It helps to detox the body

When your body is overweight, it means there are a lot of harmful toxins floating around and affecting internal organ function, particularly the kidneys and liver. Flushing out these toxins will help your body become healthier and slimmer. Yoga is a good way to do that.

Yoga movements speed up the body’s detoxification process. They help your organs to function optimally and tones them up, allowing them to pump out the toxins faster. Maintaining a regular yoga routine also boosts the immune system and balances the gut flora, making the body healthier and more able to combat diseases brought on by obesity.

These are the reasons why you should make yoga a part of your daily exercise regimen.

Are you at risk of a heat illness during your workout?

The human body is quite good at regulating its own temperature. But on a hot and humid day, it’s highly unlikely. When the human body becomes incompetent to self-regulate its temperature due to the excessive heat, you are at a higher risk of a heat illness. It’s one of the utmost summer health perils.

People who exercise or carry out physical activity outdoors for a longer period of time should look out for the most common signs, like a sudden headache or nausea is an indication of dehydration. Your body needs water to regulate its temperature and to keep an electrolyte balance. But, the body loses water and essential electrolytes like sodium trough sweating.

Therefore, take a break, hydrate yourself and begin again when you’re finally feeling better. To hydrate yourself, visit the Wise Jug to find low calorie drinks that you can sip through while you’re working out. Even if you don’t feel dehydrated, you can sip up on these drinks on hot days.

Sweating heavily? It’s an indication that your body is producing much more heat than it is supposed to. This could result in a heat exhaustion, which could be extremely hazardous on humid days as the sweat doesn’t evaporate as readily as it should. The evaporation of the sweat is important as it creates a cooling sensation and helps the body to cool down.

Listen to your body and drink enough fluids to keep yourself away from any sort of heat illness. 

Job Description Of A Reputable Accident Attorney

Accident claims totally depends on the accident situation and whether it was major or minor. 

Many of you might not be aware that compensatory damages for the vehicle can be comparatively simple than claiming for personal injuries, unless and until it does not involve “unbearable pain and suffering”. 

Point To Consider: Calculating an apt disciplinary compensation amount can be pretty complicated, so it is vital to recall an accident attorney or reputed law firm like Morgan and Morgan, along with a solid track record.

Role of an Accident Attorney Do….

Hiring the right attorney can certainly create a huge difference in the value of your case, particularly if an attorney is eager and able to present the case evidence in such a manner that the court is bounded to give the client's financial benefit lawfully. 

A good accident attorney will never leave any stone unturned in valuation of the careless parties in an accident. Dues are always evaluated for compensatory and disciplinary destruction amounts, and the courts will regularly assign fractions of responsibility in cases with multiple defendants.

An attorney will file the claims against all careless parties for both physical injury and property damage to get the full monetary compensation, and use analogous values to exemplify the request for sensible recompense.