Choosing the Right Security Guard Services

Security guard services can offer security and peace of mind not only for your organization but also your clients. Selecting a professional, reputable company is critical, not only in terms of providing adequate protection but also to minimize potential liability. J&G Security specializes in providing on-site gate-guard security for remote locations.

Choosing the Right Security Guard Services

Increasing property crime rates and headlines about mass public shootings are spurring companies, schools, and other businesses to invest in security guard services to provide a visible deterrent to malicious actors in addition to a way of defense against those individuals. Not all businesses are created equal, and some companies can provide more services and better quality solutions than others. The following tips can allow you to find a well-qualified security firm.

When picking a security company to provide services to your facilities, choosing between armed or unarmed guards is among the biggest decisions you will need to make. Oftentimes, unarmed guards are enough to provide a visible deterrent to inappropriate behavior and support for scenarios which might occur.

For additional facilities, armed guards might be more appropriate, especially in high crime areas or for high-value targets. If you decide on armed guards, you will want to carefully examine their training to ensure they comply with all local laws concerning the use of firearms and to ensure they are adequately trained in the storage, care, and utilization of these weapons.

Power of arrest is another factor you will want to consider when selecting security services. Companies that can provide guards with arrest powers, such as off-duty police officers, can be an asset to customers that are looking to send a very clear message about safety.